artisan space

Supporting Local

COMING SOON to Burnaby Heights

We are accepting applications for April, May and June 2022!

Artisan Space is seeking ethical-minded Canadian makers & micro-businesses across a variety categories (soaps, bath-bombs, textiles, small home decor & art, enamel pins, hair accessories etc).

*Artisan Space is not accepting jewelry at this time

The Artisan Space at Moonstone

- Flat rate monthly shelf rentals

- Earn 100% of your sales

- Trained, helpful & knowledgeable staff to represent you to customers

- Maker highlights & online promotion

- Makers supporting makers

The Space


Section Size A

14” wide
4.5” deep
(inside shelf height) 8-9” tall
total section height 80” tall
6 shelves per section




Section Size B

24” wide
12” deep
total section height 68” tall
4 shelves per section
*can be modified with additional shelves or slatwall hooks


Section Size C

18 ½” wide
12 5/8” deep
(inside shelf height) 15 3/8” tall
(total height) 68 7/8” tall
4 shelves tall (5 when including top shelf)
*these units are currently set in the front window


Section Size D

23” wide
15” deep
(inside shelf height) 13” tall
4 shelves tall

Shelving type: locking display case with underneath storage


Section Size E

23” wide
18” deep
(inside shelf height) 13” tall
5 shelves tall

Shelving type: locking display case


- Furnish and design your space from the ground up!

- Price variable based on size and location within the store.

*Priority will be given to existing Artisan Space vendors & established makers with experience in merchandising & selling in stores

Vendor Application