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Ethical Is
A Good Look

Our Commitment

Since the founding of our company, care for the environment and fair treatment of people have been important to us. We believe that sustainable ethics are not simply optional practices for business, but rather foundational requirements that are equally as important as profitability. The jewelry industry is a complicated, international machine; it can be difficult to know who to trust. We’ve come a long way from where we started and never lost sight of this truth, keeping our concern for ethical behaviour front and centre.

Made to be cherished

We’re committed to only selling quality jewelry that is meant to last. By ensuring that we find you that perfect “forever” piece, and through our combination of trusted workmanship and quality control inspections, we can reduce the amount of waste generated. We also have additional quality control processes in place to minimize the amount of wastage created during each item’s creation.

Reduced Footprint


Every ounce of gold that is recycled means an ounce of gold that doesn’t have to be mined out of the Earth. The gold, silver, platinum and palladium we sell is certified to be 100% recycled. That means no mining, and no ore processing.

Ethical Luxury

We work with trusted gemstone experts to ensure our materials are ethically sourced & Fair Trade.

Diamonds & Gemstones

Have you ever wondered where your diamonds come from? From Burma to the Congo, there are concerns about the ethics involved in the sourcing of gemstones. Mining conditions, environmental damage, and conflict stones (aka “blood diamonds”) are some of the concerns to watch out for.

Every diamond we sell is verified through the Kimberley Process, an international accord that includes 82 countries, including many countries through Africa and Asia. The Kimberley Process was established in 2003 with the specific aim of preventing conflict diamonds, and it requires every step of the process certified to be compliant with these requirements. Even then, it can be difficult to know exactly where individual diamonds and gemstones originate from, but we always disclose as much detail as we have available. For customers who want to do even better, we encourage purchasing CanadaMark or lab-grown diamonds or moissanite wherever possible.

CanadaMark diamonds are mined right here in Canada, in the Northwest Territories. The mines must adhere to the strongest government regulations for the environment and surrounding communities. Each CanadaMark diamond comes with a unique serial number that you can use to track the entire journey of your diamond, from the earth to your jewelry.. It also gives us a chance to show our Canadian pride! 😉

Lab grown moissanite, diamonds, and gemstones circumvent this issue by skipping the mining phase altogether. An increasingly popular choice, lab grown gemstones are available in a growing variety of minerals, including ruby, emerald, and alexandrite. By choosing to go with a lab created stone, you can be assured of the smallest environmental impact possible for your jewelry. These stones are chemically identical, and you are still getting a quality, durable, and genuine stone.

If you see a design using natural diamonds on our website that you’d like to order using Canadamark diamonds or lab grown gemstones, please contact us to get the process started!

Lab Grown & Treatment Disclosure

There are some great advantages to gemstones and diamonds being created in a laboratory setting. By making them in a lab, we can avoid the mining process entirely and therefore remove related concerns around not only the environmental impact, but also the welfare and safety of the miners. In addition to being a more ethically safe option, lab-grown gemstones are more cost effective, and can often be purchased at a significantly better price than their naturally sourced counterparts.

Transparency is key here. We want to empower our customers to make the choice that is right for them. We have always disclosed whether any gemstone is lab created, or if it has been treated in any way. The disclosure will be highly visible, and easy to understand. Furthermore, in addition to Kimberley Process, all diamonds in our jewelry collection go through an extensive screening process in order to validate that lab grown diamonds are not mixed in with natural diamonds.

Traditional Mining Techniques

Many minerals and gemstones are not readily found through large, industrial scale mining. In many places, most gemstones are still found primarily through surface work from individuals or small groups of miners. These individuals are intimately familiar with their surroundings and the minerals they are working with. These small scale techniques lead to the smallest footprint on the environment. Gemstone experts travel to verify that both ethical labour and fair trade practices are used as broadly as possible, ensuring that these individuals and small groups are not being taken advantage of.

Other Wastage

Through a variety of other techniques and policies, we attempt to reduce water and energy usage, as well as implement proper waste management at every level of our organization. To further reduce our footprint and keep our offerings up to date, we keep a small catalog of items in stock that are ready to ship. The majority of our products are made to order. While this can mean an additional delay of a day or two before your item is ready to ship, it prevents wastage from over-ordering and enables us to maximize the customizations we can offer you.

Land Recognition

We are a small, family run business based out of beautiful Burnaby, British Columbia. We are proud to be Canadian! We live, work and play on the traditional, ancestral, unceded territories of the peoples of the Kwantlen, Katzie, Musqueam, and Kwikwetlem First Nations. We recognize and thank these peoples for their continued connection to these territories.

Thank You

For Choosing Us

We hope that you will love your jewelry as much as we enjoy bringing it to you! Thank you for making our sustainable business possible.