Who We Are

Moonstone specializes in bringing you on-trend, quality jewelry to celebrate milestones and everyday moments. Founded by Steve & Ava Gosling, the core concept of Moonstone is to provide ethically sourced jewelry you can be proud to wear.

We believe that sustainability & ethics are a foundational requirement for business, and not simply an option. We work with trusted gemstone experts to ensure our materials are ethically sourced & Fair Trade. Additionally, the precious metal we sell is certified to be 100% recycled. Read More

Self Expression

Wear it, gift it, express yourself with it. Whether you’re looking for something to celebrate your own individual style, to gift something personal or to commemorate a shared milestone, we’ve got you covered.

For Every Day

Jewelry isn't only for special occasions. We help you celebrate the everyday, the little moments, the in-between as much as the unusual. We all deserve to enjoy nice things!


From Our

While dealing with the combined challenges of a car accident and an autoimmune condition, Ava found herself searching for a new creative expression. In experimenting with jewelry design, she found her calling.

In 2018, she started selling her handcrafted pieces at markets and eventually appeared at larger gem shows.

She worked closely with her husband Steve to design the booth layout, lighting, and logistics.

The duo received considerable encouragement. “We got so much positive feedback! It gave us just what we needed to keep going.”

Our First Store

The continued appreciation from our customers prompted us to launch the Moonstone store in Burnaby Heights.

Our passion at Moonstone reflects two essential qualities: specialization in both ethically sourced and custom-made jewelry. Our website focuses on carefully curated, ethically sourced pieces, with more personalization and made to order options available in store. In addition, our physical store carries a plethora of designs by Ava herself, which can be further customized to unique and personalized styles.

We signed our lease right before the pandemic, which did pose some challenges. We look at the last two years as a learning opportunity and chance to prove our mettle.

The experience of picking out your materials in person and sitting down with a designer to dream up and create your piece is what we really wanted to focus on. While the pandemic and Ava's health have limited in-person design sessions, she says she has no desire to give up: "Now I'm dreaming of my ideal store and focusing on making improvements wherever I can."

We are BC based, Canadian owned, and family operated.