Where some see imperfection, Pyrrha sees character, individuality, and strength. Inspired by antique wax seals, Pyrrha's handcrafted talismans are rich in symbolism and hold deep personal meaning for those who wear them. Pyrrha's sustainable jewelry is made with 100% recycled precious metals in their carbon zero studio in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Read more


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      Your sustainably handcrafted Pyrrha piece has its own history. In a previous life, it may have been a silver goblet, a gold watch strap, a gem-encrusted brooch or even a series of electronic components. Precious metals can be infinitely recycled with absolutely no loss of quality. The mining of metals negatively impacts the nevironment in myriad ways and displaces indigenous peoples. Our commitment to casting our jewelry in 100% certified recycled gold and silver helps to preserve land and wildlife while drastically reducing our carbon footprint-compared to using new metals-by upwards of 97%.


      "Handcrafting our jewelry locally and running a company with sustainable values has always been important to us. We want Pyrrha to reflect our personal belief that we should tread lightly on the earth. We're acutely aware of the havoc that the conventional jewelry industry wreaks on the world, and we want to inspire other companies to be more accountable, transparent, and better for the world."

      - Wade and Danielle Papin (Pyrrha founders and designers)


      Pyrrha's dedication to sustainability goes beyond words. Here are some of the certifications and commitments Pyrrha has:

      • Certified B Corp
      • 1% For The Planet
      • Living Wage Employer
      • Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark
      • Responsible Jewelry Council
      • Carbon Neutral since 2023