Frequently Asked Questions

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We require your email address when you complete your order. A receipt of your order will be sent to this email address. While this receipt will typically arrive within 15 minutes, there may be delays of up to 24 hours. If you do not see the confirmation, please check your spam folder.

Yes! So long as all of the pieces are purchased in the same order, we can assemble it. Please send us an email when you place your order to let us know that this is what you'd like us to do, and in what order you would like the charms to go on the piece.

Our ring designer tools are meant to help you choose or design your perfect ring.
Please note that the prices are displayed in USD, and do not include the center stone at this step.

If you need any assistance designing your ring, please reach out to us. We're happy to help!

If you have already customized one of our rings to your satisfaction and wish to send it to us for quoting, you may select "Send Shopping Bag to a Retailer"

Your contact information will be collected at the next step. This is so that we have a chance to verify certain details directly with you before you place your order, and before the work begins on creating your ring.

How it Works

No financial information is collected until you have:
- verified your choice of center stone
- confirmed ring size
- and are ready to purchase a design.

If you need to make any changes to your order, please contact us directly as soon as possible. Changes cannot be made after work begins for customized items, or once an item has been shipped.

Cancellations must be initiated within 24 hours of placing your order. We cannot accept cancellations after we have committed time and materials to a piece and work has begun.

Please reach out to us with your order number ASAP to request a cancellation.

Please note that exchanges and returns for reasons such as a change of mind will be shipped at the customer's expense.
Custom pieces & certain made-to-order pieces are not eligible for return or exchange.
You can find our policies on returns, exchanges, cancellations and more information on eligibility here.

Depending on the item, we may be able to have it made in a custom length. It never hurts to check! Please contact us to discuss this or any other sort of customization.

We review and consider each custom design request based on our capacity and the details of the request. Please send us your request by filling out our contact form. We will get back to you shortly with any follow up questions we may have, and whether we feel well suited to help bring your design to life.

Please note: Fully custom one of a kind designs take considerably more time from concept to development, and come with additional costs. We suggest setting a budget and being upfront about this and any time constraints or other concerns you may have.

Product Information

Check out our handy sizing guide!

For rings, you can purchase a reusable ring sizer from our website. Alternatively, you can visit a local jeweler for assistance with ring sizing, including our location.

In general, we recommend that you remove any article of jewelry before engaging in activities where you will be working up a sweat, or potentially exposing it to chemicals. Remove and store your jewelry if you are planning to exercise, and before engaging in activities which might cause your jewelry to catch or snag.

Clean your jewelry using a gentle solution of warm water and mild dish soap, and a very gentle soft brush.

Additionally, we recommend the use of our polishing cloths (or any polishing cloth rated for the metal you have purchased) to maintain the beautiful shine of your jewelry.

And lastly, we suggest that you invest in a jewelry storage solution to help keep your pieces organized and tangle-free, and to protect against potential damage while in storage.

More detailed care instructions can be found here.

We don’t recommend wearing your jewelry while cleaning, showering, or swimming as these activities can damage your piece over time. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation on this subject. We recommend that you read our full care instructions to learn more.


You will receive regular updates from us regarding the status of your order. When your order has shipped, we will send you an update with the tracking number and a link to view the tracking information online.

We are based in BC Canada, and all shipments will come from our location. We will ship anywhere in the world, provided one of our shipping providers will take on the order.

So long as your order has not been shipped yet, please contact us immediately so we can update your order appropriately. If your order has already shipped, please reach out to the shipping provider for available options. The new delivery address and the billing address must be in the same country for your order to be processed.

Please note that we are not liable for issues resulting from being given the incorrect shipping address, so please double check the shipping address before completing your order.

Most items must be ordered no later than Dec 17th to allow reliable processing and delivery times. Items for in-store pickup must be ordered no later than Dec 21st. Please contact us if you need to confirm Dec 24th delivery availability for an order before placing it as some items may take longer to have completed and ready for shipping.

All shipments require an adult to receive them. All of our shipments come with complimentary tracking, making it easy to monitor the progress and plan of the shipment for receiving it.

Special Notice: Signatures are not typically required as part of global efforts to combat COVID-19.

First, please check around your door or the delivery area for any place where the delivery person may have hidden it out of sight. While our shipments are flagged to require signature, it is possible that the courier may leave them at your door anyway.

If you are still unable to find the package, contact us within 7 calendar days of the item going missing to report it lost or stolen. Shipments that are not reported within this window are not eligible for replacement or refund.

Yes. You will be asked for both a billing address and a shipping address. You can write the other person’s address as a shipping address, and the package will be delivered directly to them instead.

Please note that we are not liable for issues resulting from being given the incorrect shipping address, so please double check the shipping address before completing your order.

Your items will arrive in signature Moonstone packaging, ready for opening or gifting. Your entire order will be padded and placed in a protective box for safe shipping.

We’re sorry to hear that! Nobody ever wants to experience this, and we take measures to guard against this happening. But accidents do happen.

If your shipment is visibly damaged on the outside, immediately take pictures of the shipment before opening it. If your jewelry is also damaged, please take additional photos of the damaged products and then visit our return policy for more information about next steps.

Gift Cards

Add items to your cart as normal. When you are ready to complete your purchase, proceed to the checkout. There will be a field to put in your gift card number, and the value of the card will be applied to your purchase. Any remaining value will be stored on the gift card for future purchases.

You will require additional payment details if the gift card balance is insufficient for the purchase.

This can’t be done through the website. If you would like to purchase a gift card for another amount, please contact us for a custom invoice and we will issue you the gift card directly.

The gift card can be used for purchases, including discounted products, and to pay for taxes and shipping. The only limitation is that you can’t use it to purchase more gift cards.

Yes! While checking out, just add each gift card one at a time.

Yes. When our team applies a refund, we can apply it to any method of payment that was used on the original order.

If you need to check the balance on your gift card, please contact us and we can give you an update on the balance.

The gift card can be used to purchase products, as well as to pay for taxes and shipping. The only limitation is that you can’t use it to purchase more gift cards.

Gift cards will typically arrive in the recipient’s email inbox within 15 minutes. Please check your spam folder, in case the email was accidentally filtered. Occasionally, it can take up to 24 hours for the gift card to arrive in your email. If you still haven’t received your gift card after 24 hours, please contact us.

Gift cards purchased on our website are not compatible with our in-store sales systems. If you are planning to use your digital gift card in-store, please contact us to convert the gift card to one that is usable in-store.

Gift cards purchased in store or on our previous system are not compatible with If you would like to use your gift card on this site, please contact us so we can convert your gift card for this website.